Syahbandi Samat

Syahbandi Samat

About the Artist

Syahbandi is a self-taught artist and was born in 1992, from Sibu, Sarawak. He became one of the awards winning for the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award (MEAA) 2011. He is a very unusual and a talented artist. Prefer to draw only using ball pen has brought him to a different level in the art industry.


Syahbandi’s Artwork

Syah used to draw portraits of people especially portraits of his family and friends. After many months of drawing just only portraits, he pushes himself further and began to explore by adding emotions and storyline behind his portrait paintings. He found this satisfaction in him and become very confident in what he is doing.

Later on, he challenge himself again by creating a series of works based on the metaphor of fairy tale like character such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Pinocchio and many contemporary themes that he could think of. Because of this, his artwork gains a lot of popularity among the art enthusiasts. 

According to Syah, in order to finish a work of 136cm x 87cm by using colour ball point pens, it will take about three weeks to complete. This is because he put in a lot of effort and detailing in his painting and it’s not easy to do the shadow and lighting in his artwork.  According to him, his works are expected to be able to change the perception of our society by showing us even though by using ball point pen can produce such a beautiful work for the public viewing.